People with masks, surrounded in a cold atmosphere

Written by Panart

Artist Focus: Elmira ShokrPour
Painter – IRAN

Free soul and fine sense are two main necessities of painting which cannot be seen this evidently in other branches of art. Visuality of painting and free movement of the paint brush, which helps the artist to express his inner feelings, are two main reasons which can justify this matter. Painter can easily convey inner feelings including pain, mirth, or freedom to the audience. We can experience all these feelings when looking to the artworks of Elmira ShokrPour.

Elmira is an artist who pictures special features in her painting. Effective cold atmosphere and presence of masks in her paintings make her art so specific. Elmira explains the reason why her characters are hidden behind masks; she believes that these masks have been imposed to her paintings by the limited atmosphere of the world. Female characters are evident and effective in her art. Presence of a mask wearing female character in a cold and gloomy atmosphere reviles their sufferings. This artist explains the presence of women in her art and says: “the woman of my paintings is stuck in a moment, with a mask on her face, in a cold, gloomy, dark, and frozen atmosphere, with mesmerized and horrifies eyes and a smile on her face that you cannot guess whether it is because of her kindness or what is happening around her.”

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Elmira shokrpour

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