Digital Art

Presence in the World of Three-Dimensional Modeling

Written by Panart

Artist Focus: Hooman Rahati
3D Designer – IRAN

Modeling and three-dimensional design are belonged to art and the manner in Iran’s industrial progress. There are various reasons for the tendency about young interested people in this industry. Attractiveness, ability to create scenes based on a story, character design of games or animation and etc… Now this art although moderately but is growing because of Activities by young people who have already been introduced in progress.

In this version, we had a interview with “Hooman Rahati” one of the creative young people in the field of modeling and creation of three-dimensional environments. He has many activities in character design and rendering, moreover Mr. Rahati has a significant activity in manufacturing of the military and took part in various events such as art competitions.

This artist with his creativity and his brilliant ideas has been able to create environments and different models. The study of different references, check the auxiliary files and works of the various artists are the different reasons that he considers his success. Hooman Rahati believes that the “holding companies” holding the good events for the artists of the “three dimensional“ art. These events has caused the three-dimensional art to be considered more seriously than the past. Although the emigration of some artists was due to lack of facilities but the track progress is still evolving and more hopeful than it seems the past.

Hooman Rahati - 3d designer Hooman Rahati - 3d designer Hooman Rahati - 3d designer Hooman Rahati - 3d designer Hooman Rahati - 3d designer Hooman Rahati - 3d designer