Artistic calligraphy with ancient Persian fonts, from Nastalique to Moalla

mostafa salimi - calligrapher
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Artist Focus: Mostafa Salimi
Calligrapher – IRAN

Calligraphy has always been loved by Persian people. Writing in numerous styles including Shekasteh, Nastalique, or Moalla is still popular among young generation. Mostafa Salimi is a famous calligrapher who has been shining in this domain with his own style. This young artist has explored numerous styles of calligraphy from Shekasteh and Sols to Reyhan and Koufi to find out his own special taste in the art of calligraphy. Mostafa has also been active in Siah-Mashque and considers this style as one of the purest branches of Persian calligraphy.

He believes that Siah-Mashque is not merely about endless repetitions, it is about picturing the inner talent and temperament of the calligrapher in the words’ soul. This artist talks about Siah-Mashque and says: “Siah-Mashque has never been the tale of incarnate words. I have always been searching for an enjoyable, visually harmonious event in it, such as a melodious song in order to build up a bridge between my own inner mentality and audience’s imagination.”

mostafa salimi - calligrapher mostafa salimi - calligrapher mostafa salimi - calligrapher mostafa salimi - calligrapher mostafa salimi - calligraphermostafa salimi - calligrapher

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