Trying to Create a Narrative Environment

Written by Panart

Artist Focus: Parnaz Karimi
Illustrator – IRAN

The Art of illustration is one of the activities that are highly regarded by youth in our country but unlike the strong backgrounds in Iran, is still more concerned with children’s books. Unlike other countries that may have less history than we in the art of illustration, this art in such areas as theater posters, clothing, graphic design or music rarely used now and that was pretext To discuss with the artist that Trying for years to break this structure and of course her efforts have been successful to the extent appropriate.

Parnaz Karimi is a young artist that was born in art lover family who especially was active in field of painting. In his childhood years, Parnaz with his grandfather who was a renowned master in the field of art education and could have more growth than others.The artist, by the entrance to the university and the expansion of her scientific knowledge and visual arts, also became interested in The fields of graphics and theater posters and by passing the different courses, tried to create posters which also be evident the art of illustration in them. She also using guidance of professors such as Reza Abedini, has achieved to a structure and space in her designs that is Glaring obviously in her works.

Parnaz karimi with Creativity, execution and good ideas in her works, is creating a surreal and narrative environment along with ideal composition and exact usage of colors. This process, both in her illustrations and her graphic works, attracts her audiences and also is helping to simultaneous growth of culture poster design and it can be appropriate guidance for younger artists.

Parnaz Karimi - Illustrator Parnaz Karimi - Illustrator Parnaz Karimi - Illustrator Parnaz Karimi - Illustrator Parnaz Karimi - Illustrator Parnaz Karimi - Illustrator