Independence, Understanding and Dynamism in Women’s Issues

Written by Panart

Artist Focus: Shaghayegh Shojaeian
Painter – IRAN

Shaghayegh Shojaeian is a unique artist who has experienced painting in a specific style by combining various visual elements. Shaghayegh uses Persian Miniatures in her artworks with the aim of picturing Persian people and society in her art, which is a way of criticizing and visual analysis of her art. Presence of women is emphasized in her paintings. Woman of Shaghayegh’s paintings are neither traditional, nor dependent. She says: “in Iran’s contemporary society, there are so many chic women with up-to-date styles whose behavior, thoughts, attitude, and their relations with surrounding environment are still so traditional and like their ancestors. Women of my paintings are true modern women whose identities are made up of the consciousness, dynamism, independence, liberation, and egalitarianism”.

Shaghayegh Shojaeian - PainterShaghayegh Shojaeian - PainterShaghayegh Shojaeian - Painter Shaghayegh Shojaeian - PainterShaghayegh Shojaeian - Painter Shaghayegh Shojaeian - Painter Shaghayegh Shojaeian - Painter