Romantic Spirit, an Expressive Feeling, a Symbolic Viewpoint

Sirvan Kanaani - Painter
Written by Panart

Artist Focus: Sirvan Kanaani
Painter – IRAN

Sirvan Kanaani is a Persian Kurd painter and designer. Twenty years of continues activities in art can be mentioned as holding numerous solo exhibitions and attending more than twenty group exhibitions. He is among the third generation of Persian Kurd painter of after the Islamic Revolution. Sirvan’s art is a curious combination of romantic spirits, his expressive feeling, a symbolic viewpoint, a tendency toward abstracts and a graphic kind of interest in childish narration with a touch of transparent Picasso like glance. Although psychological pressure is evident in his artworks, his art not did not ended up in a surreal world. A cubist temptation is in his art that can be easily seen through his performance.

About his artworks, Mohammad says: “I have experienced different ways these past years, but my last collections, “Afoul” and “Pondering in Silence” are the result of a ten year study of contemporary human. To quote Sohrab Sepehri “afoul is the lover” and contemporary man seeks love. “Pondering in Silence” is the result of thinking way and standing against mind. Human mind is filled with tensions and consensus. The idea of this exhibition was a kind of self-imposed solitude and contemplation.”

Sirvan Kanaani - Painter Sirvan Kanaani - Painter Sirvan Kanaani - Painter Sirvan Kanaani - Painter Sirvan Kanaani - Painter Sirvan Kanaani - Painter